Mindy is extraordinarily insightful and connected with the world around her. Through her coaching sessions, she brings her clients into that same presence of mind and spirit, leading them to connect better both with themselves and with their own world. A simple hike with Mindy ended up being one of the most grounding, clarifying experiences, and was the push I needed to overcome my own hurdles. I'm encouraged in my own journey, and would recommend Mindy's awesome coaching services to everyone! - Kimberly Shaffer

“Mindy’s ability to get right to my deeper need and facilitate an incredibly transformative coaching session was uncanny.  The practical tools we created in that session together several months ago still bring me great comfort, as do the enlightenments I had during our session.” - Kelsey Conger

“Mindy’s love for Nature inspires our own deeper connection with nature and love for ourselves.  Her deep and gentle spirit promotes inner peace and harmony.” - Megan  Lorimer

“Mindy has an intuitive ability, and along with her training helped me gain a better perspective on life and its many issues, both personally and worldly.  I highly recommend her.” - Sue Craycraft

“Ever since Mindy became my life coach, every area on which I focused continues to greatly improve, and to a degree always more than I ever imagined.   Mindy is extremely insightful; she questioned me in a way that caused me to go deeper and unblock the sources of my resistance so that I am able to be more successful at overcoming challenges in my life.  She helped me clarify and create an action plan, and the results were far better than I expected.  As she employed a variety of strategies, she brought an awareness to my inner strength.  Because she is so compassionate and supportive, I was encouraged to find my own answers which eventually served to empower me.  As a result of our encounters, I am both a happier and more enlightened being.”     - Cathy Davis