Why Attend

Many of us are disconnected from our feelings, intuition, and social networks these days.  So much fear and uncertainty in the world has left us unsettled and highly concerned about our collective future.  These stressors often highjack our time and energy away from the crucial self-care we know is beneficial and deeply needed right now.  Gifting yourself a ‘time-out’ to heal, to expand in new ways, and to reflect on what ‘can be’ for you is not selfish…it is not only necessary to support yourself but to support others you care for in your life too. 

Find your

  • inner balance and composure
  • connection with nature
  • alignment
  • harmony
  • heart coherence
  • sensory awareness
  • inner and outer strength
  • self security

Reduce your

  • stress
  • fear
  • confusion
  • uncertainty
  • physical limitations
  • feelings of overwhelm
  • exhaustion

Take with you

  • tools to easily apply in daily life to keep you functioning with clarity of purpose
  • inner ease and a knowledge of how to access and recognize your purpose in life.

Stress was Never Meant to be a 24/7 Experience

The human stress response is supposed to be short-lived because it wears down your body, your health, and your energy. It also impacts things like your emotional intelligence and your decision making. When you’re tightly wound up, you are more likely to react to situations than to respond with reason. You also perceive the world differently. Stress makes us narrowly focused, preventing us from seeing the bigger picture. When we’re calmer, our attention becomes broader. In fact, we literally see more things. (MINDFUL article, 11.11.2019)

Benefits of...


  • increase muscle strength & tone
  • flexibility
  • respiration
  • energy & vitality
  • balanced metabolism
  • cardio-circulatory health
  • improved protection from injury
  • connecting the breath with the body (yoking) and the mind.


  • harmonize heart and mind
  • reduces fluctuations in metabolism (heart rate, BP)
  • mental acuity up
  • stress and anxiety down
  • create alignment among the physical, mental and emotional systems
  • improves heart-brain synchronization and hormonal balance

Nature Connection

  • reduces anxiety and depression
  • decreases mental fatigue
  • increases problem-solving & creativity mental functions
  • creates both calmness and alertness at the same time
  • better mood and socialization, friendlier
  • kinder to others, behaving in more generous ways
  • creates a sense of awe, which connects us to each other


  • reduce risk of disease
  • decrease BP and cholesterol
  • recovery from injury or illness
  • improve ability to fight out illness
  • energy level up


  • awareness building
  • being witnessed and heard
  • how externalizing your stressors helps
  • acknowledging your current challenge(s)
  • develop a vivid image of where you want to be
  • strengthen the thoughts and beliefs around reaching your desires
  • gaining clarity on what is holding you back and any resistance
  • create a roadmap for feasible next actions/steps
  • hold yourself accountable with another person.
  • improving your understanding of conversational intelligence, communications

Expression of the Spring Equinox

Sedona, Arizona
March 2021 Retreat Postponed

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